Friday, 11 December 2015


McGill e-book now available

Ideation Entertainment is proud to announce The Pathological Casebook of Dr. Frances McGill by Myrna L. Petersen was one of the titles selected by the Saskatchewan Provincial Library and Literacy Office for their 2015 Sask. eBook Initiative Pilot Project.

Before TV’s small screen arrived, Dr. Frances McGill was Canada's real deal’ as an original crime drama heroine. She was the Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, the CSI Crime Scene Investigator, and the Bones forensic expert all wrapped up in one short stature.  Her zest for solving crime mysteries earned her the unofficial title of “Saskatchewan's Sherlock Holmes.”

PLL Partnership Background: “After a series of consultations with both publishers and libraries, the Multitype Library Board, a minister's advisory board, recommended that Provincial Library and Literacy Office work with stakeholders to increase access to Saskatchewan content in the electronic collections of the province's libraries. To support this goal, the Ministry of Education provided funding for a pilot project to convert Saskatchewan books to accessible EPUB 3 format. All partners in the Multitype Database Licensing Program will be given access to a single copy of each digitized title in this exciting new collection. This initiative aims to raise the profile of Saskatchewan authors and publishers through greater exposure to librarians, educators and students, library patrons and the general public. The eBooks in this new collection will also be made available to people with visual disabilities as part of the National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS).”

McGill e-Pub Availability
Read her true story.
As a result of our partnership with the Saskatchewan Provincial Library and Literacy Office, Saskatchewan library cardholders can borrow the e-pub @
Series: Sask eBook Initiative (Provincial Library and Literacy Office)
We have also listed this digital copy available on Smashwords for purchase @ $6.99 US
Paperbook copies can be ordered through Ideation’s Store

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

oneTree Exhibit Project

Phenomenal Art Exhibit opens at the Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria BC

From 1 - Century-old Maple Tree, 42 artisans took 4000 hours to create $150,000 Value-added Art.

For almost a century, a Maple Tree stood on a Vancouver Island dairy farm but had to be removed for health and safety reasons. Instead of chopping up the tree for firewood, artists from across Canada were invited to apply to the oneTree project and by salvaging its wood, make functional art from it.

The oneTree exhibit project is a collaborative effort of Live Edge Design, the Robert Bateman Centre and wood artisans from Vancouver Island and across Canada. The project celebrates the beauty and stories of this 100-year old Cowichan Bigleaf Western maple tree by making sure its legacy lives on in new creations.

Robert Bateman is one of Canada's most recognized internationally renown wildlife and landscape artists. Many of his paintings are showcased at the Robert Bateman Centre located in Victoria's downtown inner harbour (

Robert Bateman Painting
I was blessed to attend opening day on November 14, 2015. When the Gallery opened it's doors, there was already a long line of patrons patiently waiting and hoping to be the first to view this new showcase.

In particular, a number of relatives came together to celebrate the creative achievement of Bud Hnetka, a family friend known as SolarBud, who works in the medium of Solar Pyrography

Solar Bud's Pyrography
SolarBud's “Forest Seal” solar pyrography on maple wood was the result of 28 layers of burning and 350 hours of labour.  Hnetka describes his work,  “I made this pyrographic carving using a lens and the sun. The magic began when I discovered the seals in the wood and the sun came out.” (

There is a large one-of-a-kind conference table surrounded by 10 chairs! A comfy rocking chair!  Miscellaneous musical instruments – a classic guitar, electric guitar, violin, flutes and a drum! Beautiful bowls, cabinets, knife wood block, and functional furniture. Amazingly unique works created by 42 master craftsmen!

Christen Dokk Smith's Woodcarvings
It's impossible to miss the beautiful real-life boy created by Christen Dokk Smith, a Norwegian wood carver who now lives in Tofino. (

For anyone living or visiting the Canada's beautiful West Coast islands, it is well worth making a point of attending the oneTree Exhibit which runs until January 15, 2016. 

Friday, 25 September 2015

Miss Muffin Project

Ideation Entertainment is delighted to join the Miss Muffin Project as a story/script consultant.

This is the story how miraculous muffins came alive in Germany's Black Forest. 

When the daughter of a local baker purchases a foreign baking utensil, the journey begins.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

'Operation Beautiful Cloud' Movie in the Making

Ideation Entertainment is pleased to announce we have optioned the book rights of "Anna - Widow of a Gestapo Boss" by Erik Haaest with Myrna L. Petersen. We gratefully acknowledge the financial assistance of Creative Saskatchewan
to help us obtain the movie rights and to create a film treatment entitled, "Operation Beautiful Cloud."

More movie making news to come!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Land of the Prophets

Northern Ireland - the land of the prophets! Following the St. Patrick's trail, which includes some settings from today's 'Game of Thrones'. The Irish are witty, charming with an abundance of hospitality. I fell in love with this land when I first set foot in 1982 during the time of troubles, and decades later, still feel the same 'draw' back to it.
Site of Patrick's First Christian Church

'Game of Thrones" Inch Abbey site

Londonderry (Derry) Old City Wall.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Germany's Black Forest

Love these shades of colours!
Great opportunity to visit with friends at their Art Factory in Germany's Black Forest region ( Then travelled up to Stuttgart to see the beautiful sights and the meetings with like-minded film producers. Great hospitality! Amazing possibilities!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Jerusalem - Centre of the Earth

In the amazing city of Jerusalem for 3 nights. Words can not describe what one experiences when in the City of our King! 

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Elijah's MT Carmel Region

Up in Israel's Mount Carmel Region checking out the view and possible locations for an "Elijah Comes" feature film. Legend has it that the Baal prophets called on their God to no avail, but when Elijah prayed to Elohim - the God of Israel, fire fell from heaven consuming Elijah's water-soaked offering. To confirm that the one true God is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, Elijah completed the Mount Carmel Victory with the execution of all 450 Baal prophets.
Elijah prayed for rain and a cloud appeared.

Wild flowers abundantly growing on mountain.