Monday, 17 December 2018

Captivating Creative Craftsmen

New Book Release

Inspirational stories behind Biblical artisans. 

and Study Guide
Captivating Creative Craftsmen and Study Guide is a great read for individuals or in a small group study. This is not how-to-instruction in the art of one's choice but rather, a book to help crafts people artists and musicians draw closer to the creator of the universe to release one's creativity. 

Creativity, part of our inheritance, from the cave dwelling era to modern society, is revealed through various artistic means:

  • Story Telling
  • Art Tells Stories
  • Sound as a Music Pre-requisite
  • Working with Our Hands
  • Heaven and Earth Dance
  • Design and Colors
  • The Master and His Wine-workers
  • Understanding Times and Seasons
  • Craftsmen in the Last Days
  • Jesus, the Master Winemaker
  • And much more...
For a sneak preview and/or place an order of paperback copies from our distributor 
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Download E-pub for various ebook formats @ $3.99 US.

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